Eloping in Tacoma Washington

February 22, 2021

So here we are. You are ENGAGED (or almost engaged) and you’re looking for your either wedding inspiration or a wedding/engagement photographer! If you are in the Bellevue, Seattle or Tacoma area and looking for a local photographer, you are in the right place! I specialize in romantic, documentary style photographs. You will be able to relive all the emotions from your wedding day because I capture all of the little moments in between the first look, ceremony and the reception. While I’m located in the Puget Sound area, I am MORE than happy to travel to where ever you want you special day to take place. I want to take this time to tell you a little more about the services I have to offer you!

What does eloping mean today?

In the past, elopement was a dirty word that meant you just wanted to sneak away in the dead of night to get married in Vegas by a man dressed up as Elvis! (Which low key sounds like a freakin blast to me)
But today it is so different. Today, thanks to COVID, it’s the only way two people can actually celebrate their love with a small group of family and friends. It’s also giving you such a new way to view the day. I have learned that weddings with 30 people or less are truly the most intimate, sweet, authentic days. Imagine not having to worry about inviting (and paying for) 150+ people that you’ve only met a few times just because that is the social norm! Now you can forget trying to budget for that many people’s food, drinks and favors and now spend that money saving for a honeymoon! Or a new home to start your lives together! And the little selfish plug for me, you can allocate that would-be budget to really invest in preserving your memories with your photographer and albums/prints!

That leads me into why it is SO IMPORTANT to get those photos printed and put into tangible objects

Imagine your house. Imagine a blank space on your wall. Now picture a photo of you and your fiancé or your and your family. What are you doing in that photo? Smiling, laughing, hugging, or looking like a model in an editorial spread? Now, think about how happy you would be every time you saw that photo!
NOW Imagine your life in 10, 25, 50 years. Imagine pulling a high quality album every year on your anniversary and sharing with your kids and/or grandkids! Imagine being able to relive your favorite moments. When you are maybe not having the easiest time coping with marriage, pull this out and bring yourself right back to why you chose to marry this wonderful person. (Be right back, I’m holding back tears)

Let’s talk about what to expect when you hire me as your wedding photographer!

​1. Just send me a quick message about your wedding date!​

2. We can communicate via email OR we can set up a phone call! ​At this point, we are just getting a feel for each other’s personality and to talk about your needs for my service/if I can fulfill this needs!​

3. I can send you over a price guide with all the details on the packages I offer.​

4. Let’s get back on the phone! Or email, whatever works for you. This way we canfurther discuss what is the most important to you two on your wedding day. ​

5. Now that we’ve nailed down a package that will fit your needs, let’s go over the contract. I want you to fully dive into this contract so we are all on the same page. ​

6. Deposit time! Just sign the contract and send over payment. Now you are officially booked! ** BONUS ** You should see a little something from me in the mail once you book **​

7. Now that we are booked, we can schedule a few check ins between now and the wedding day. About 6-8 weeks before the wedding, I will send over a questionnaire and help put the timeline together if you need.​

8. The wedding day is here! I’ll show up early and stay as late as I need. I will be there for you!

9. Get a preview of your wedding day within 3 days! I know how eager you and your family must be to see and relive the day!

10. Get the full gallery within 6 weeks and let’s get your albums or prints ordered!!


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